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Bergamot flour

Bergamot flour available in a 100g packet, a unique product from Calabria handmade by artisan company Azienda Agricola Francesco Gangemi.

Details: Thanks to its unique, intense aroma, this typical Calabrian ingredient is ideal to enhance the flavour of a plethora of dishes and also to prepare the dough for a wide range of sweet bakery products. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, this product is made by leaving bergamot oranges to dry and, subsequently, grounding them to fine powder.

Ingredients: Dried bergamot

Health benefits:

  • Cancer preventing
  • Antioxidant action
  • Antibacterial action
  • Anti-fungal action 

Discover the whole range of bergamot-based products manufactured by artisan company Azienda Agricola Francesco Gangemi

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